Cross Country Skiing

*Ski Trail Maps Available at West Yellowstone Chamber of Commerce 

and Local Ski Shops*

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Free Heel and Wheel
Ski Trails with Trailheads in Town:
  Rendezvous Ski Trail - Small Fee

Riverside Ski Trail - Free

This trail provides skiers with access to Yellowstone National Park.  The trail has three sections.  The first section winds through trees and then runs along a power line for close to a mile.  At the east end of this section is an open area that gives you a great view of the Madison River and Mt. Holmes.  This is the point at which the other two sections of the trail start: Upriver Loop and Downriver Loop.

Boundary Ski Trail - Free

The new Boundary Ski Trail winds through miles of forest, and has the only groomed ski trails where skiers can bring their dogs.

Ski Trails with Trailheads in Yellowstone National Park

Telemark Meadows (Mile post 18)Gentle slopes for some telemark skiing with views of Madison and Gallatin Mountains. - Free

Bighorn Pass Trail (Mile Post 20): A popular trail with great touring for all levels and skiing in Yellowstone. - Free

Fawn Pass Trail (Mile post 22): This trail parallels Bighorn Pass meandering up a gorgeous meadow to a connector 8km in. Make a loop or just go out and back. Great spot to see elk. - Free

Specimen Creek Trail (Mile post 27): Follow Specimen Creek up a beautiful drainage, keep your eyes open for petrified trees and moose! Good spot for a snowshoe walk. - Free

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